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Different Kind of LJ [24 Jun 2005|12:13am]


Hi all.  I'm slightly new to LJ, but I'd like to tell you all about my LJ...it's a little different than most because mine is all fiction.  What I mean is I'm telling a story in blog form.  It's really quite neat and you should check it out.


tkrd <--Here's the link

BTW, if you add me I'll add you back ;O)


PS This isn't a community :O)
PPS All the stories have gay-themed story lines ;O)
PPPS If this post isn't allowed I'm sorry and you can just delete it :O/
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[14 Jun 2005|01:45pm]

hi. i'm new. i'm moving to philly next week. i'm 21 and a transguy. i like things...like boys and bouncy balls. i listen to music, but mostly the punk and hardcore type of stuff. people say they are bad at intro posts but i think this one takes the cake. have a nice day.
ps - the ex-ish boyfriend says that i have really fun teeth and hair.
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random [05 May 2005|05:02pm]


. . . mainly because I am PROCRASTINATING. Ughhh. And that is why I'm here. No homework! Procrastination only!

Also, I think UGLY should be an acronym. I like turning things into acronyms.

Unified Glorious Lovers Yodeling
Ululating Goatherders Licking Yaks
Umbrellas Gaily Lying Yonder
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[06 Apr 2005|09:43pm]

hey girls,

i just joined. i thought the name of the community was really funny. yet true for me. im marissa. 20 and from california.
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[01 Sep 2004|10:43am]

ugly queer kids are my favorite! im one too! im 18, a dyke, and from dc, i love all forms of trash and silicone cocks on the beach, so add mw if you please cause im an lj slut!
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im new [04 Jul 2004|03:49am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hi all just wanted to let u know i joined im 18 and a lesbian in new york but will be goin off to college in philly soon yay and my gf is comming with me even more yay but just wanted to say im here so hi all ok thats all i have to say right now byes

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here we go! [01 Jul 2004|09:58am]

[ mood | melony. ]

omg, hi.

i am so sorry i completely forgot about this community. i put in a temp profile that somewhat gets to the gist of it.

so i know there are a few members here now, and i want yalls input: what do YOU want this to be?

i've created a sort of list to make some guidelines. feel free to add, subtract, exponentiate and radicalize.

what we ARE about:
pride, genderfuck, self-love, being trashy, being sexy, bending the rules, tresspassing, masturbation, hot pants, no pants, supporting each other, feminism, good porn, kissing off, dancing a lot, queer theory, hot intellectuals.

what we ARE NOT about:
being catty, bitchy, fat-phobic, trans-phobic, projecting our insecurities on others, disrespect, ridicule, being republican, being boring.

to this end you can:
post photos of yourself (vanity is a-ok, but shots of you dancing or kissing or fighting are better!), ask questions about sex/sexuality/queer theory/WHATEVER, post stories (from news or your life) you feel are relevant, debate topics of interest, discuss fetishes, ask for advice, etc.

once enough input comes in, i'll add it to the info page. by the way, i started this along w/ yamrock so if you have any questions address me or herrr.

your turn.

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[08 Jun 2004|03:35am]

wha are da rules n junk
 :)Collapse )
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[06 May 2004|10:19pm]

[ mood | silly ]

so i feel as if we could have this really cool community and we never say anything so i feel as though i am going to start some sort of convo...yet i have no idea what to say to bear with me here.....

Ok i have no idea's but i wanna talk to people so someone say somehting.....giggles

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Star [07 Apr 2004|01:17pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hello. I'm new to this community. I'm 18 black lesbian in philly. Just wanted to say hi after finally figuring out how to post.

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[22 Mar 2004|04:21pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So for some reason i feel in love with the group once i saw it...You all rock!!!!

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[22 Mar 2004|02:39pm]



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