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here we go!

omg, hi.

i am so sorry i completely forgot about this community. i put in a temp profile that somewhat gets to the gist of it.

so i know there are a few members here now, and i want yalls input: what do YOU want this to be?

i've created a sort of list to make some guidelines. feel free to add, subtract, exponentiate and radicalize.

what we ARE about:
pride, genderfuck, self-love, being trashy, being sexy, bending the rules, tresspassing, masturbation, hot pants, no pants, supporting each other, feminism, good porn, kissing off, dancing a lot, queer theory, hot intellectuals.

what we ARE NOT about:
being catty, bitchy, fat-phobic, trans-phobic, projecting our insecurities on others, disrespect, ridicule, being republican, being boring.

to this end you can:
post photos of yourself (vanity is a-ok, but shots of you dancing or kissing or fighting are better!), ask questions about sex/sexuality/queer theory/WHATEVER, post stories (from news or your life) you feel are relevant, debate topics of interest, discuss fetishes, ask for advice, etc.

once enough input comes in, i'll add it to the info page. by the way, i started this along w/ yamrock so if you have any questions address me or herrr.

your turn.
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